HomePartnersHomePartnersParking should be a slam dunkAlleyoop your spotScore sweet rewardsAccess exclusive dealsAll-Stars make the assist...(in parking)Stop circling the block. Alleyoop allows you to crowdsource that elusive parking spot and earn real rewards while you do it. Save time and money. Reduce traffic, emissions, and stress. Know what's up with real-time updates.

Dish a spot. Score a spot. Change the game.
How does it work?Let’s say… Alex is a busy professional with a crucial client meeting in the heart of the city, a location notorious for its inconsistent street parking. With time ticking away, he launches Alleyoop. As he approaches his destination, Alleyoop lights up with a notification – a fellow user named Sarah who is exiting the area has offered to “assist” him by holding her prime parking spot that's just a short walk from Alex’s meeting venue. Smooth transition. Alleyoop scored. Points all around.

But it doesn't end there. His meeting ends, and now Alex is the playmaker. While he sips on the discounted coffee he got as an exclusive Alleyoop And-1 deal, he can dish the spot to Jenna, who can pass it on to Michael, to Rick, and on, and on. Constant movement: a winning formula.

Now, let's say you're a delivery driver, or a cabbie, or a courier, or working a ride share. Think about knowing you have that space right up front just as you arrive – easy in and easy out. Think of all the points you'll score and rewards you'll earn every day. Everybody wins when the team works together.
Score sweet rewards points.Every "score" and "assist" fuels your ascent up the leaderboard. Earn points, redeeming them for a trove of exclusive items and unlockable discounts. But that's not all – each point you earn becomes a golden ticket to weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual giveaways. From clothing and gear, to dreamy vacations, to tickets to the hottest events, and yes, even cash prizes.
Access exclusive deals wherever you are.Where you are or where you're going, score "And-1" deals from the business around you. Alleyoop gives you a list of exclusive deals and discounts from participating vendors in your immediate area. Complete the play, and you AND your assister will both score an extra point for each stupendous finish.Business owners:
Unleash the power of And-1s through hyper-local advertising. The Alleyoop Partner Program grants your business unparalleled visibility and exchanges chance engagements for slam dunk conversions. Elevate your business, boost foot traffic, resonate with customers in real time, and become a destination in your own right.

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Join a hype community.Get where you're going easier with a little help from your friends. Pay it forward. Discover the hidden gems in each community as you engage with those who know the neighborhood best. Earn points, get rewards, and score discounts every step of the way. The team makes the dream. Join today.